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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

  • To create a learning environment that inspires and challenges every student to reach their full potential, both academically and personally.
  • Our mission is to provide a comprehensive education that develops critical thinking, creativity, and a passion for lifelong learning. We strive to empower our students to become responsible and productive citizens who make positive contributions to society. We do this by fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive community that values diversity and promotes equity.

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At SBIC we believe in ancient wisdom and modern scientific temper. The holistic model of education conceived and enriched by its illustrious founder, offers refreshing new perspective to young mind and facilitates the accomplishment. The school runs smart classes which facilities the student according to their syllabus. The school also run robotics and programming classes to develops the skills.School also provides the several recreational facilities like game sports, Music, tour, Picnic and also host cultural program. Our school ensure that the student have something to do unwind. Once in a while which also creates a confidence in the school.

About Us

The Shree Baba Inter Collage is an English Medium Co-Educational Institution establish on the eve of Basanth Panchami 8th February in year 2011.

SBIC today is a Central Board Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) affiliated school whose students from KG to Class 12th achieve some of the highest exam results.

English is the medium of instruction, communication and examination. Hindi is a compulsory subject as it is the National Language of our country. Sanskrit is taught from class 4th onwards as it has a major role in transferring ancient knowledge to present Generation in Indian society.


School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.

School plays a crucial role in preparing students for their future careers and helping them develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in life.

Nurturing creativity in children

Efforts to impart teaching & learning

Campus equipped with smart classes

30+ Well Qualified teachers

Why Choose us?

Excellence for All, Excellence from All

SB Inter College provides learning atmosphere in healthy, moral and well-disciplined environment where pupil feels happy, love and respect to all. At the school the pupils are not passive recipient of knowledge only but co-creator also.

Schools runs smart class and following culture of STEM Education with the ambition to do overall development of students. The ambition of the school is to give the students “The vision of excellence” not only in studies and all adventures of mind, but also in the sphere of character, conduct and human relationships to develop them in to good young men and women and responsible citizens.

experienced faculty

quality education

annual platforms

Our Pillars

Our Address

Mariahu Bypass Rd, Ram Nagar, Uttar Pradesh 222161

Our location

Phone No 088533 08980, 7011295739