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It is a spacious lab adequately equipped with a variety of models, specimen, working material and display charts to enhance complete understanding of the subject and satisfy inquisitive minds of the children.

Models – Models related to different variety of organisms, their life –cycle, different systems of body e.g., digestive system, heart etc. are there. Models showing cell – division are also there (list enclosed.)

Specimen – Preserved specimen of living organisms, dissected animals exhibiting internal systems. Variety of plants are there to develop clear perception about the subject matter. (List encl.)

Charts – Brightly coloured charts as per current CBSE Syllabus are displayed and used as teaching aids (List enclosed).

Working Material – To enhance the inherent scientific ideas working materials have great role. We prepare slides and study samples e.g. slide of spirogyra, stomata, apparatus, thigh muscles of cockroach. The lab is adequately supplied with working material.

Chemicals and stains – Stains like safranine solution, Leisman’s stain are need to prepare slides. Various types of chemicals like acetic acid, iodine are needed to perform various stains. A no. of such chemicals and stains are required for physiological experiments are available in the lab.

For regular class work and practical no. of test tubes, beakers slides and over slips etc. are there.

Special equipment’s for Sr. Secondary level:

    • Centrifuge Machine
    • Incubator
    • Haemocytometer
    • Chromatography paper
    • Respirometer
    • Root pressure apparatus
    • Herbarium press equipment
    • Hot plate
    • Stethoscope
    • Water bath
    • Overhead projector and transparencies
    • A slide projector
    • Biomocular and microscope – 10 compound microscopes, 4 microscope with simple magnifying lens and 12 dissecting microscope are there.
    • Simple lab equipment’s like test tubes, watch glasses slides, cover slips etc. are there.

Huge laboratory perfectly suits goals of the department and can comfortably accommodate about 50 students and furnishes experimental needs in terms of connecting with theoretical goals. Laboratory is equipped with good enough chemicals and elementary apparatus like kip’s apparatus, condensers, various flasks, burettes. Pipettes, beakers, conical flasks etc.

Students from class VII – XII come regularly to laboratory and fulfill their practical aspirations. In addition to usual benefits, special services and time is provided to students who intend to observe their unusual learning.

Chemistry department of SBIC Mariahu carries 15 charts, 10 models and large number of sophisticated equipments in the laboratory whose list is attached.

Laboratory equipments and chemicals of worth Rs. 100000/- were purchased during the session 2020-21.

Chemicals and equipment for various experiments are made available in the laboratory.

The same facility is extended from class VI to VIII and from IX to XII.

Lab is available for the students in working hours from 7.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.  and after school hours from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. depending upon the need and demand of the students.

Special classes were conducted for students to generate interest for competitions like chemistry Olympiad, NTSE etc.

Students are taken to the filed for nurturing their practical knowledge on the subject.

Students taken to nearby coal mine project for self-study of samples of coal.

Seminars and symposiums were conducted from time to time.

Experiments beyond CBSE syllabus based on real life situations are allowed in the laboratory to generate interest on the subject.

Electronic balance and chromatography columns were provided

Science exhibition were conducted during winter season. 15 students were participated in various chemical experiments.

Chemistry department has conducted extra classes in chemistry for slow learners during early morning hours.

  • The salient features of Chemistry Department are:
    • Simple, lucid and child –friendly teaching methodology.
    • Emphasis on inculcation of moral and social values.
    • Ample illustrations via visual aids.
    • Projects and activities to promote learning by doing.
    • Well – graded exercises / assignments with each unit after is taught.
    • Key reactions for extra-knowledge.


  • List of Equipments and Models added:
    • Melting point device
    • Physical balances
    • Ph Meter
    • Desiccators
    • Crystal structure of NaCl, C5Cl2.
    • Solid structure of face centered cube.
    • Ball and stick models of methane ammonia.
    • Model for the Hasenclaver’s plant for bleaching powder.
    • Sophisticated melting point apparatus.
    • Ball and stick arrangement showing tetra-valency of carbon and its valencies.
    • Charts related to the preparation of Sodium Bicarbonate Bleaching powder, Plaster of Paris, cement, glass etc.
    • Charts to show the preparation of gases H2, N2, O2, CH4.
    • Colourful and informative charts related to show the models of atom, valency, and periodic table.

Physics is a Natural science to explore physical law gifted by the Nature. Department of Physics of SBIC Jaunpur endeavours to reveal the secrets of the physical law for convenience in leading life practically using demonstrational experiments.

As per the CCE system it is the integral part of the curriculum so activity & project works are always displayed on the regular basis, these are as follows:-

    • Conversion of heat energy of sunlight to the mechanical energy to pump water.
    • Generation of electricity from different chemical reactions.
    • Demonstration of polarization of light.
    • Making of strong electromagnets to separate the metallic object from junkyard.
    • Use of solenoid to have variety of magnetic field for the different purposes at different places.
    • Project on harvesting the rain water for different purposes.
  • Activity Performed by students: There are many activities performed by students. Few of the significant ones are :
    • A very attractive demonstration of total internal refraction explaining the natural phenomenon like mirage, looming etc.
    • Production of circular magnetic using toroid.
    • Application of surface tension in our daily life i.e. Use of pouring oil on the accumulated water to avoid mosquitoes and insects, etc.
    • Application of Photodiode as the AC voltage detector, electronic counter etc.
    • Fringe produced by diffraction of interference of light wave.


  • Initiative to inculcate interest in learning and Scientific temperament among students:-
    • Remedial classes for slow learners.
    • For every topic special discussion is made.
    • Activity based discussions with demonstration.
    • Assignment on each topic.
    • Project on current topics.


  • Physics Department has its own library to provide to the student on different topics. This Department has more than 100 books on different topics.
  • Department of Physics recently organized a special seminar to revise the taught topics in the class with the help of power point presentation. This expt. With the new method was highly successful to inculcate the interest.
  • The topic on which the seminar held was:
    • Magnetic effect of current
    • Alternating current
    • Use of Kirchoff’s law
    • List of models made by students during session 2020-21 = 05
    • Model available at present = 15
    • List of equipments available in Physics Laboratory = 60

Mathematics is to science what grammar is to English. We cannot make sense of the physical world without a sound knowledge of Maths. It is the very essence of science.

It is being felt that one of the major problems in Academics is fear of Mathematics. It is due to the low level of anxiety, as the activity of Mathematics learning is not systematic. We tried to systematize the learning process so that students enjoy being in touch with Mathematics.

The students are taken to the Maths lab periodically where a number of activities are conducted to make the learning process so simple and interesting.

Models on Abacus, Shapes, Weighing Machines, and Cans to measure capacity are there in the lab to make the respective concept very clear.

Many charts and pictures showing addition, skip counting, multiplication, before, after and between, divisions, and place value are used to make the different aspects of Mathematics imprinted in their young minds.