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At SBIC curriculum plays a very important role as we at SBIC believe that learning is not just about teaching, books and lessons but much more than that.

At SBIC the emphasis is more on the overall development of the child, as we understand that schooling is the time in the life of every child, which influences their future.

To do this, creation of world – class infrastructure facilities and a favourable atmosphere is a sine qua non for any child to learn not just academics but lessons of life, character, ethics and values. At SBIC we impart all these qualities in the children so that they emerge as responsible individuals.

SBIC has a curriculum that is integrated. The curriculum is concept oriented rather than exam oriented. At SBIC the curriculum is designed keeping in view the overall development of a child. The classroom is the nerve centre of the activities that are undertaken in shaping and grooming the leaders of tomorrow. The integrated curriculum not only concentrates on the academics but also on the qualitative development of every individual child.

Our strength lies in our ability to maintain the completeness of our programs, offering unique and important options to each and every person and providing a way to evaluate each student’s learning to ensure that we all continue to grow and we remain completely accountable to our community.

Teaching Methodology

Teaching methods in the classroom are interactive and aim at generating interest and developing a range of learning skills.

Teachers find a variety of approaches that stimulate interest and motivation among the students. Group Discussions and projects, educational trips and excursions information technology, seminars, cultural and sports events form an integral part of the education imparted in the school.

The simple and effective teaching methods are a testimony at providing a complete and holistic approach in education, which aims at developing the children into academically sound and socially well integrated individuals.

Besides developing their creativity and communication skills, their evaluation is simple and effective. The assessment is on the basis of the weekly tests and day to day performance ensures consistent quality learning where students are confident in averring themselves.

The curriculum and teaching are practical and aim at developing communicative competence, expressing ideas and freedom of thought, tolerance and respect for individuals. Above all, we seek to develop our children as socially and morally upright individuals.