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Rules and regulations in schools are designed to promote a safe and respectful learning environment for students and staff. 


Rules and Regulation

Rules and regulations in schools are designed to promote a safe and respectful learning environment for students and staff. Some common rules and regulations in schools include:

  1. Attendance: Students are expected to attend school regularly and be on time for classes. Schools may have specific policies for absences and tardiness.
  2. Dress code: Many schools have dress codes that specify what students can and cannot wear. These policies are usually designed to promote a professional and respectful appearance.
  3. Behaviour: Schools typically have rules that govern behaviour, such as prohibiting bullying, fighting, or disruptive behaviour in class.
  4. Academic integrity: Schools often have rules regarding plagiarism, cheating, and academic dishonesty. These policies are in place to promote academic honesty and fairness.
  5. Use of technology: Schools may have policies regarding the use of technology, such as cell phones and computers. These policies are designed to promote responsible and safe use of technology.
  6. Safety and security: Schools typically have policies regarding safety and security, such as evacuation procedures in case of emergency or protocols for visitors on campus.
  1. Extracurricular Activities: Schools may have rules and regulations regarding participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and organizations.
  2. Respect: Students are expected to show respect for teachers, staff, other students, and school property.
  3. Substance Abuse: Schools have policies in place to prevent and address substance abuse. This may include drug testing, counselling services, and disciplinary measures.


It’s important for students and staff to understand and follow these rules and regulations to ensure a positive and safe learning environment for everyone.


School Diary and calendar is provided to each student at the beginning of academic session. School Diary is to be used for maintaining daily assignments. Principal, Teachers and Parents communication can also be done through School Diaries. School Calendar shall be used for knowing Holidays and important days of school.


The students of SB Inter College, Mariahu enjoy great repute in and around the district for their discipline and good behavior. Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. .


In order to establish a meaningful relationship between the school and Parent, meetings are held to discuss the progress of each student. The suggestions of guardians are welcomed and the needful is done by the School.


Monday to Saturday

Summer: 8.45 am to 2.00 pm

Winter: 9.15 am to 2.15 pm

April –May: 8.00 am to 1.00 pm


  • 1. 75% attendance is essential to sit for the examination.
  • 2. No leave is granted except on prior application from parent/guardians for genuine reason.
  • 3. In case of sickness a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner has to be submitted.
  • 4. Repeated absence without leave of unexplained reasons has his/her name struck off from the rolls.
  • 5. It is compulsory for a student to attend the school on the first day after summer vacation and the last days after winter vacation.


  • 1. Remove the shoes before entering Computer Lab and keep in the shoe rack.
  • 2. Do not bring any outside floppy CDs, Pen drive.
  • 3. Unless and until needed, do not boot any system.
  • 4. Always insert the disk properly in the disk.
  • 5. Do not play with computer peripherals and wires.
  • 6. Do not scribble on the machine casing wires and tables.
  • 7. Do not play with keyboard.
  • 8. Do not bang the keys, press them softly.
  • 9. If anyone found misusing or playing with any computer peripherals, he/she will be liable to pay a heavy penalty.


Your co-operation with the school staff is essential for ensuring the highest benefit to the students for maintaining a high standard for the school.

  • 1. Parents are expected to enforce regularity and discipline of their wards.
  • 2. Parent as a Home-Teacher, will see their children doing their homework as well as their assignment provided by the school in time.
  • 3. A pupil who fails to pay fees up to date will not be allowed to appear in examination.
  • 4. Parents are requested enforce regularity and discipline. They will kindly see that their children prepare their lessons daily. They should see that their children leave home in time to be punctual in the school.
  • 6. No visitors are allowed to see pupils or interview their teacher during class hours.
  • 7. Leave of absence may be granted of sufficient reason but only on application from the Parent/Guardian.
  • 8. Parents are requested not to send for or call away their children during class hours with application except in case of an unforeseen emergency.
  • 9. Kindly study the progress report and monthly test paper, send from time to time and return them duly signed.
  • 10. Some practice of English conversation at home will help the students to follow classes more easily.
  • 11. Parents must realize that Parents-Teachers Meeting is very important and attend them regularly.
  • 12. We welcome constructive criticism. We feel happy and parents take keen interest in the running of the institution and point out our drawbacks.
  • 13. Make sure that your ward has all the text books, note books, items of stationary, crafts’ materials etc. from the beginning of the session.
  • 14. Answer sheets of students for the examinations will not under any circumstances; be given to parents, private tutors or others. The School does not undertake to retain answer scripts of candidates who sit for these examinations for more than two months.
  • 15. You are requested to visit the school at least once in month to enquire about the progress of your child.
  • 16. Parents can visit the Principal 9.30 am to 12.00 pm on the school day.
  1. Parents must declare honestly if their ward has any medical or psychological